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Bathroom lighting in different shapes and styles

Bathroom lighting needs to be functional. You need to think about the light distribution, brightness, IP rating and where you want your lamps. It can be the main source of light, but you can also choose a mirror or wall light. Furthermore, there are many different shapes and designs where you can choose from. MyLampLights sells bathroom lights in different styles.

What are IP ratings for bathroom lighting?

To ensure the safety of electric devices in a room with a lot of water or moist, such as a bathroom, lamps with a low IP rating are used for specific places in a bathroom (so-called zones). This IP rating tells you to what extent the lamp is protected against moist and dirt. The IP rating contains two numbers – the first number refers to the level of protection against dust. The second number refers to the level of protection against water.

The zones in your bathroom

For your own safety, a bathroom or damp room is divided in specific zones. When mounting lighting in your bathroom, you need to bear the specific IP rating of your lamp in mind, combined with the specific bathroom zone. To be able to define the necessary measures that have to be taken, bathrooms are divided into 4 zones.

Short summary zone 0-1-2-3

Zone 0: area inside the bath or shower.
Zone 1: area above the bath or shower extending to a height of 2,25 m above the fixed floor level. When you have a shower without shower basin, the zone extends to 60cm around the vertical projection of the shower head on the fixed floor.
Zone 2: area limited by a space of 60 cm from zone 1 up to a height of 2,25 above the fixed floor level.
Zone 3: area limited by a space of 2,4 m from zone 2 up to a height of 2,25 m above the fixed floor level (everywhere outside the other zones)
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