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Different kinds of industrial lamps

Large and made of steel. These are the characteristics of an industrial lamp. Because of the way they look, it might seem as if industrial lights are only for the real design experts. That is definitely not true, industrial lights are a great fit for every interior and every house.

The history of industrial lighting

As the name already implies, the industrial lamp finds its origin in factories. Around the 18th century, lots of large factories were built and a new type of lamp was needed to light them. This was when the industrial lamp was developed. These lamps often had a steel shade, to protect the, at that time valuable, incandescent lamps. Throughout the years, these laps were replaced by fluorescent lighting. Nowadays, it is very popular to decorate your house with industrial lamps.

Different kinds of industrial lights

Probably the first thing you think about when you hear industrial lamps, are the robust, steel hanging lamps. However, this is not the only type of industrial lighting there is. The famous tripod lamp for example has three legs, comparable to a camera tripod, and a large lampshade (of course made of steel). MyLampLights has lots of different industrial lamps. Have a look at our collection to get an impression and order your favorite products online!
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